Stainless-Titanium // Stainless Sheet with Titanium Coating

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Titanium was formerly used in many industries because of its special properties e.g. low weight, high strength and toughness, high corrosion resistant, good heat dissipation, weather resistant and etc. which cannot find in other materials.

Because the cost of titanium is very high, some industries use it in only necessary application which needs its special properties to improve their product property and appearance.

At present, there is a technology to turn titanium into thin film and coat it onto the product/metal surface. This is aimed to reduce the cost without impacting the titanium property. By applying this technology, the consumers can use the ordinary material and then coat with titanium to get the extraordinary product in low cost spending.

The examples of use of this material are stainless door/gate with gold color from titanium coating as well as its accessories. This is to  improve the strength of material. Moreover, only some people see this opportunity while there are many markets that use the properties of titanium to apply for producing special product, so the price of product would be high since it is considered to be value added product and supply is limited.



Our company imports the stainless-titanium sheet from certified supplier. The specifications of our product are as follow;

Color : Gold / Bronze / Black

Surface : Mirror / Hairline

Thickness : 0.5 /0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 mm

Dimension : 1.22 x 2.44 meter

Stainless-Titanium Gold

Stainless-Titanium Bronze

Stainless-Titanium Black



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