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               AP Media & Sign Co.,Ltd., an affiliate of P2S Metal Products Co.,Ltd., was established in 2016. The main purpose of our company is to look for new customers and expand our market to not only online system but also the retail customer in provincial areas in Thailand. Moreover, we will expand the business focus to sell all related sign work e.g. LED module, LED bulb, LED strip, LED tube (T5/T8), power supply Mean Well, plastwood sheet, acrylic sheet, stainless sheet, electrical wire and etc.

               With more than 15-year experience in sign production, we are the professional in this area of work. We are all in one factory; supply raw material, produce sign and installation (if need). We produce all kinds of sign including advertising sign, shop sign, lighting box, channel letter and etc. In addition, we serve  the customer’s need for the cutting, bending and V-cutting services. Since we have our own factory and produce the sign product with high-tech machines, especially LASER machine which can cut 10-mm steel, so we guaranteed that the customer will get high quality product at low price. Our sign products can be seen in many famous places in the country, especially in Department Stores, Condominiums, Restaurants and etc.


               – Cutting Machine


              – Bending Machine –


             – V-Cutting Machine-

เครื่อง CNC

                – CNC Machine –

เครื่องเลเซอร์ 1

       – Laser Cutting Machine 1 –

เครื่องเลเซอร์ 2

       – Laser Cutting Machine 2 –

              For the other materials that we sell, we directly import from our certified suppliers, so the price will be lower than market price. Moreover, our products are specifically ordered to get the special properties as we desire to serve our customer’s need. And also all of our products have the warranty so the customers can be confident with our product quality.

LED Module

                 – LED Module –

LED Strip

                   – LED Strip –

Power Supply Mean Well

       – Power Supply Mean Well –


                                – Plastwood Sheet –


                          – Stainless-Titanium Sheet –



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